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Direct Hire
We know How to find Your Next Hire
If you are wondering why it seems so difficult to find the right candidate, it’s not your imagination. The US job market is in a unique state. For the first time in our history we not only have a surplus of workers, but also a surplus of positions. Unfortunately, the gap between the two is great. At the same time, technology is providing both seekers and hiring officials with what seems like “tons” of different avenues choose from in the search process. Sound complicated? It is.

Finding the right candidate has not only become a needle in a haystack but today the haystack has become very sophisticated!

At Options Employment Resources, Inc we spend all day, everyday through the weeding through the Internet, the Newspapers, Networking events, Job Fairs and Schools, looking for the best candidates----your best candidates. As our client, we will represent your hiring interest, find you the best candidate and uncomplicate your search.

Our Confidential Services Include:

Information services to help you decide if you really want to change
Honest and informed salary analysis
Resume review
Prospective employer information
Interview preparation
Interview scheduling
Resignation advice

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